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    Вінілова платівка вініловий диск 2LP V/A: Keeping The Faith -Clrd (180g)
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1. LP

The Show Stoppers - Is not Nothin but a Houseparty

Father's Angels - Bok to Bach

Alan Bown Set - Gonna Fix You Good

Kim Davis - the Real Thing

Lorraine Silver - Lost Summer Love

Jason Knight - Our Love is Getting Stronger

Frankie Crocker - Ton of Dynamite

Jimmy James & the Vagabonds - This Heart of Mine

Jackie Trent - You Baby

Sylvia - It's a Good Life

Kenny Bernard - What Love Brings

Geno Washington & the Ram Jam Band - if This is Love (I'd Ra

Timebox - Soul Sauce

Donnie Elbert - Where Did Our Love Go

2. LP

The Cherry People - and Suddenly

Javells - Goodbye (Nothing to Say)

The Playthings - Stop What You're Doing

The Ferris Wheel - Number One Guy

Willie & West - Get Away from Me Girl

Kenny Bernard - Is not No Soul (Left in These Ol Shoes)

The Showstoppers - Eeny Meeny

Mike Cotton Sound - Step out of Line

Willie & the Mighty Magnificents - Check It Baby

The Sapphires - Gotta Have Your Love

Leonard Whiting - That's What Mama Say

Margo & the Marvettes - when Love Slips Away