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    Вініловий диск Igor Stravinsky: Firebird
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Вініловий диск Igor Stravinsky: Firebird

Штрих-код: 8719039000302

Артикул: УТ-00016034

Назва: Firebird

Виконавець: Stravinsky Igor

Лейбл: Vinyl Passion

Країна: Eu

Рік: 1962

Рік зробити: 2015

Стиль: Класична музика

Тип носія: lp


Composed By, Conductor, Liner Notes – Igor Stravinsky Liner Notes – Goddard Lieberson Orchestra – Columbia Symphony Orchestra

A1 Introduction

A2 The Enchanted Garden of Kastchei

A3 The Firebird Appears, Pursued by Ivan Tsarevitch

A4 Dance of the Firebird

A5 Capture of the Firebird by Ivan Tsarevitch

A6 Супplication of the Firebird

A7 Appearance of the Thirteen Enchanted Princesses

A8 The Princesses Play with the Golden Apples (Scherzo)

A9 Sudden Appearance of Ivan Tsarevitch

A10 The Princesses' Round

A11 Dawn Breaks (Ivan Tsarevitch Enters the Palace of Kastchei)

B1 Magic Carillon, Appearance of Monsters, і Capture of Ivan Tsarevitch

B2 Arrival of Kastchei the Immortal

B3 Dialogue of Kastchei and Ivan Tsarevitch

B4 Intercession of the Princesses

B5 Appearance of the Firebird

B6 Dance of Kastchei's Followers Enchanted by the Firebird

B7 Infernal Dance of Kastchei's Subjects

B8 Lullaby (The Firebird)

B9 Awakening of Kastchei

B10 Death of Kastchei - Profound Darkness

B11 Kastchei's Spells Are Broken, His Palace Disappears, Stone Knights Return to Life, Joy Reigns