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    Виниловый диск 2LP V/A: Keeping The Faith 2-Clrd (180g)
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680 грн
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1. LP

Larry Saunders - on the Real Side
The Carstairs - It Really Hurts Me Girl
Crown Heights Affair - Dreaming a Dream
Pat Lundy - Party Music
Derek Martin - Beautiful Woman
Street People - You're My One Weakness Girl
Brother to Brother - in the Bottle
The Moments - Nine Times
Carl Douglas - I Want to Give You My Everything
Soul Train Gang - Country Girl
2. LP

Baltimore First Class - Filled with Desire
Retta Young - My Man is on His Way
The Moments - I Got the Need
Jeannie Napoli - Forget That Girl
Universal Mind - Something Fishy is Going on
Crown Heights Affair - Every Beat of My Heart (New Disco Ver
Benny Troy - I Wanna Give You Tomorrow
Duprees - Check Yourself
Carrie Lucas - I Gotta Keep Dancing
Festivals - Gee Baby
Mother Freedom Band - Beautiful Summers Day